Executive coaching

For Asia’s CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and future leaders.

Why Hire an Executive Coach?

Small positive changes in the behavior of top executives cascade down through the organizational structure and have a big impact.

Companies that have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median return on their investment of 7 times their initial investment (ICF Global coaching client study, 2009).

What do the World's Most Successful CEO's Say About coaching?

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Many of the greatest business leaders of our modern world have a coach.

Champion athletes, world-class singers and other top performers all have coaches.

Coaching is about achieving lasting significant change that benefits both yourself and your organization.

What I do

I help successful leaders who want become even more effective and I develop talented future leaders so they can fulfill their potential.

I help clients identify and implement small but significant changes in their own behavior that lead to more effective professional and organizational performance.

Most people in leadership positions are intelligent and technically competent. The difference between good and great leaders is excellence in people skills and self-management. This is where I can help.

About Derek

Dr Derek Mitchell is an Executive Coach and a UK qualified Clinical Psychologist. He has 20 years of professional experience helping individuals change their behavior for the better through the application of evidence based psychological and behavioral science.