Executive coaching overview

Step 1

Initial consultation to discuss your goals and questions, clarify mutual expectations and decide if we want to work together.

Step 2

Identify and select the most impactful leadership growth behaviors that will help you achieve your professional and organizational performance goals.

Step 3

Create an action plan for achieving positive behavior change.

Step 4

Implement the action plan and address problems during follow up sessions with my support, advice and feedback until you achieve your goals.

What I Ask Of You

Ownership and collaboration

I view our working relationship as a collaboration. We work alongside each other to achieve the results you want. I will advise and instruct when appropriate but I will often take the role of facilitator. I will ask you questions and help you reflect on your own experiences to find your own solutions.

My most successful clients use their intelligence and initiative to develop their own action plans and ideas about how to breakthrough barriers to change. The more responsibility you take for your own change process the more likely you will commit to it and achieve your goals.



Book a Consultation

If you’d like to see if we’d be a good fit to work together, please click the button below and let’s set up an initial consultation. During this time we’ll discuss your goals, questions and then decide whether or not to move forward together.